Katerina Buresova

Katerina Buresova

Proposed amendments to sale-and-leaseback. How ready are you?

In mid-2020, the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRS IC) received a question on how to measure a lease liability and right-of-use (ROU) asset on a sale-and-leaseback transaction with fully variable payments. You might be wondering what sparked this question in the first place. Well, IFRS 16 prohibits the inclusion of variable lease payments (except for those […]

Fair valuation of investment property in uncertain times

It’s no secret that measuring a fair value of investment property has always been a challenging task...and, needless to say, the current pandemic has not made it any easier. The valuation of investment property following the principles of IFRS 13 is usually dependent on several assumptions and unobservable inputs. The current market situation may very likel […]

IFRS 16: understanding the principles of lease terms

While they might look straightforward at first, all new IFRS® Standards require a certain level of interpretation and judgement that give way to challenges and questions. IFRS 16 is no exception and its lease term assessment is a great example. Of course, as you might already suspect, simple contractual arrangements are not always the best answer when it com […]

Choosing the right accounting policy under the IFRS framework

Accounting policy refers to the specific rule or principle that an entity applies to a transaction, other event or condition when preparing and presenting its financial statements. It encompasses everything from recognition and measurement to presentations and disclosures. For most transactions, other events or conditions, specific IFRS Standards apply. But what […]

The results are in! Here’s how the CSSF enforced 2018 financial information

As the regulator of Luxembourg’s financial sector, the CSSF performs annual enforcement campaigns to check whether the financial information provided by the issuers of securities complies with relevant reporting framework, e.g. IFRS. The 2019 campaign examining financial information from 2018 was carried out as both unlimited scope examinations (evaluation of […]

Investors call for better communication in Financial Reporting

Everyone understands that the IFRSs must be constantly refreshed in response to a fast-changing world. Over the last eight years, investors’ interests in financial reporting and supporting information has shifted from achieving short term goals to creating sustainable, long term value. Therefore, the need to update the quality and effectiveness of the communic […]