Jean-Pascal Nepper

Jean-Pascal Nepper

How to champion customer loyalty during a crisis: a simple framework for banks

When the Coronavirus first made headlines last November, I could not have fathomed the chaos it would wreak across the globe. Like many I listened, and then continued with my life assuming a virus in the far east Asia would have no impact on me in Luxembourg. Eight months later and we have seen lockdown measures put in place, borders closed and all sense of no […]

The new user-friendliness

The term user-friendly seems to have first emerged in the 1970s, with some sources crediting a 1976 paper on something called the “G-EXEC system” and others saying that Harlan Crowder, an American software designer, coined the term in 1972. Either way, it comes from the computing world, where it is still at home: today, we speak of apps, websites, and robo-a […]

How banks are tearing down and rebuilding customer experience

“The customer is always right!” So goes the motto of good business. For a century or more, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, and global corporate heads alike have been guided by this principle, but perhaps it needs to be slightly updated. Because, today, customers are not only right—they’re also telling you how to run your business. “The customer has […]

One microphone, five minutes, and €50,000

Luxembourg’s fintech scene is not quite like anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Startup contests—and I’ve been to loads—all share a common energy, an ambitious spirit, a love of the future and the futuristic. Fintech in Luxembourg has all that, of course, but it has something else too. It has a relaxed togetherness, forged by the smallness of the country […]
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New KPMG study ranks Luxembourg brands by customer experience

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.” So said Steve Jobs. In other words: companies can find the future in the present, if they can understand their customers on careful and profound terms. Building a full customer context Traditionally, companies have focused on the […]

Which would you rather lose: phone or wallet? (and why this apparently trivial question is relevant to private banks)

Web banking, mobile apps, disruption, chatbots, robotic automation processes, robo-advisors… quite a slew of new terms have fast become ubiquitous amongst private bankers. In just a few years, new technologies have redefined how relationship managers can interact with their clients. It wasn’t too long ago that some private bankers were still studying the dig […]