Jean Kizito

Jean Kizito

Is your organisation compliant with US tax requirements?

US tax requirements require you to take a number of key actions to better ensure that you are compliant. Have a look at our other checklists on qualified intermediaries and FATCA and CRS obligations. Or, read on for help with determining how compliant you are with other key US tax requirements. 1. PFIC reports Is one of your entities a passive entity with US i […]

Is your organisation compliant with FATCA and CRS?

As tax specialists will already know, operational taxes are a crucial area for compliance matters nowadays. Broadly speaking, they encompass withholding taxes, transactional taxes, due diligence, and tax and investor reporting. In this article, we look at these requirements under the FATCA and CRS regimes. Keep reading for our 5-question checklist, designed to h […]

Qualified intermediaries: this operational tax checklist is for you

Doing business in the US or with American investors? If so, you’ll know that operational taxes can be a tough area. Today’s business environment is a highly dynamic one, marked by close regulatory attention and rapid technological development, and so in this article we want to help you test how compliant your organisation is with its operational taxes. Expl […]

The utter digital transformation of operational tax compliance

During the past 10 years, the banking and asset management sectors have gone through a restructuring phase, following the 2008 financial crisis which prompted major banking groups to redefine their strategies. As is well known, a huge increase in regulatory and tax compliance obligations followed the crisis, affecting banks and investment managers heavily. In […]

The United States: a land of opportunity! …but also a myriad of tax compliance challenges

It is becoming relatively easy for a Luxembourg company to fall under the scope of US tax rules—for example, if it makes investments in the US or has American investors/clients then it must comply with

Transforming the Tax Practice

Historically, tax practice in general and tax reporting in particular have been a low-tech /paper-based business. But now, things are changing and they are changing at a high pace. Particularly in the area of operational taxes we are seeing a new wave of initiatives that lean towards enhanced exchange of information from financial institutions to tax authorities […]