Georges Bock

Georges Bock

Tax in a digital economy: giving shape to the invisible

It’s a common piece of dinnertime conversation, nowadays, to mention that big tech companies ought to pay their fair share of taxes. Especially given the crisis ten years ago, especially given public controversies from the likes of Google and Amazon, especially given the world’s inequalities. Not that anybody ever wanted them not to—but as momentum gathers […]

Luxembourg third worldwide in growth promise

Luxembourg ranks third worldwide on the index of growth promise indicators (GPIs), according to a report released by KPMG Global this month. Country-specific raw data on debt, trade, education, life expectancy, technology, government transparency, and many other categories were funnelled through a weighting system developed by expert analysts and translated into […]

Towards a circular economy: VAT and the “resell model”

In our last article, we talked about the role tax can play in a circular economy: specifically, how we can shift away from an economy that taxes humans and towards an economy that taxes (material) resources. A next important step is to understand if and how circular business models actually affect the taxes paid by businesses and consumers, and the taxes receive […]

How blockchain could help fight—or even end—VAT fraud

A common mugger might snatch an iPhone from your hand, or swindle you out of the cash in your wallet. But all the muggers in Europe probably couldn’t steal the value that EU countries lose to VAT fraud, and that’s because that number is estimated to be a staggering €40-100 billion per year. Estimates say that 9% of VAT owed in Spain never makes it to th […]

Circular economy calls for new tax thinking

Take a second to think about the plastic bottle from which you just drank, the computer you have just typed on, the chair on which you sit. Typically, for such goods, raw materials are taken, the item is produced, then it is consumed and eventually thrown away. The results are shrinking natural resources and growing landfills. The circular economy envisions a sh […]

Luxembourg and London: international fund management after Brexit

Luxembourg is Europe’s leading investment fund centre, and the world's largest after the USA, with more than €3 trillion in assets managed by a multitude of international fund managers. Indeed, its reputation as a respected fund hub has been carefully built and maintained over the last decades. However, even though the investment funds themselves are loca […]
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