Flora Castellani

Flora Castellani

Taxpayers and intermediaries: ready for the new tax reporting obligations?

In its fight for fair taxation and increased tax transparency, the EU Commission recently introduced new tax reporting obligations (also known as “mandatory disclosure rules”) which could affect any EU intermediary or taxpayer involved in cross-border arrangements or transactions. The most pressing feature of these changes is the one that makes the rules […]

Governance and tax transparency should top CEO and board member to-dos

For a few years now the global tax system has been in a period of significant change. One feature of this, among many, has been increased tax transparency, in whose name discussion around fair taxation has heated up and the term “responsible tax” has emerged. Customers, investors, and employees certainly expect more from businesses than in the past when it c […]

The state of tax transparency in the EU and Luxembourg

In pursuit of tax transparency, both the OECD and the EU have taken steps to ensure that cross-border tax rulings and advance pricing agreements will automatically be exchanged when they fall within the scope of the respective framework. In this article we’ll look at how this exchange of information is being implemented in Luxembourg within both the OECD an […]

Additional corporate tax measures announced for the 2017 Luxembourg tax reform

On 26 April 2016, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel delivered his State of the Nation speech, during which he highlighted some of the proposed changes to the Luxembourg tax system to be implemented in 2017.

Proposed measures for the 2017 tax reform announced by the Luxembourg government

On 29 February, earlier than initially expected, the Luxembourg government released its long-awaited proposals for the tax reform to be implemented in 2017, which are built on four pillars:

New R&D incentives to be included in the 2017 tax reform package, says Gramegna

Ever since the abolition of the Luxembourg IP regime, businesses and international investors have been eagerly awaiting news about what the future would hold for Research and Development (R&D) activities. The government will be phasing out the old regime as from July this year, as the existing rules run counter to the new international framework endorsed […]