Estefania Rizzo

Estefania Rizzo

What the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement means for data protection and privacy

The newly implemented EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (“Trade Agreement”) brings change to many facets of life. As we adjust to these new developments, we would like to bring one particular area to your attention: the impact the Trade Agreement has on data protection and privacy. From the current interim period, to changes that went into immediate effe […]

Privacy, please: 5 things we learned from the CNPD 2019 Activity Report

Privacy and the protection of sensitive data remain a hot topic and a top priority for organizations across the globe. In a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield, privacy concerns and challenges for businesses are at an all time high. The CNPD (National Commission for Data Protection) has recently published its 201 […]

Restoring privacy compliance

The article was originally published on by Mark Thompson, Global Privacy Lead, KPMG in the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic has required businesses to rapidly adapt their working models, sometimes at the cost of privacy rights. What practical steps can you take to address the deficit and restore privacy compliance? The second line risk and compliance fun […]

What does Brexit mean for personal data under GDPR

As the uncertainty around Brexit continues, questions remain about the future of personal data. What precautions must be taken before sending data to the UK? With firms still adjusting to the GDPR, planning for data transfers following Brexit presents yet another challenge. In this article we will look at what to do if the withdrawal agreement is passed, and if […]

The subtle, long-term GDPR goals—and how to meet them

With a little bit of hindsight on GDPR’s enforcement date of 25 May 2018, we can now see a real pattern: most organisations developed their compliance programs in two phases, one before and one after the “go-live”. Why is that important? Because the first phase was deadline-oriented and had clearer metrics of success, while the second phase has proven […]