David Capocci

David Capocci

Net-zero carbon by 2030: Doing what is right

Our global commitment to combat climate change 50 Reduction in our carbon emissions by 2030 1.5 Science Based Target 100 Renewable energy accross all our sites 50 Reduction in business travel locked-in (vs 2019) 500 Engage our largest suppliers to reduce their emissions 200000 Educate and mobi […]

Zombie companies are on the rise. Here’s what PE houses can do.

This article has been written together with Tristan Ramirez.  After a decade of steady expansion, the rise of zombie firms has accelerated with the Covid-19 crisis. Today, the phenomenon is threatening entire slices of our economy and straining public health resources. Reinforced by mass unemployment, forecasts for growth and debt ratios have been revised, d […]

The Zombie Effect…In Luxembourg & Beyond

This article has been written together with Frederic Mazarin. Since the 2008 recession, we have witnessed the infiltration of seemingly benign economic creatures with a dark side…They limit domestic productivity and threaten to exacerbate a future economic downturn. They are the zombie firms. Zombie firms can be defined as companies where turnover is s […]

Alternative investments: the tech revolution is hiding in the stairwell

As the world’s digital pathways multiply and thicken—and even begin, perhaps in some ways, to rival the world’s road networks—any sector slow to start using them is increasingly conspicuous. Thus, the real estate sector, or more broadly alternative investments. Where is the industry overhaul, the massive sweep of technology? Elsewhere, fintech companies […]

Shedding light on a fast-growing asset class: loan funds

Since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, lending from banks in Europe has hugely reduced due to tightening regulations and to the higher capital ratios imposed on banks. Government bonds and fixed-income bonds yields have fallen dramatically, critically affecting investor returns and the guaranteed payments that pension funds have to make. Pension funds and other i […]