Chrystelle Veeckmans

Chrystelle Veeckmans

Welcome to Asset Management in 2022 and beyond

This blog has been written in collaboration with David Capocci.   For decades now, global assets under management have seen incredible growth. From 38 Trillion USD in 2008 to 100 Trillion in 2020 (Statista) projections are increasing at the same pace as the global population and may even reach 145 Trillion USD by 2025 (CNBC). Closer to home, AUM of […]

Covid-19 and asset managers: humane leadership in the face of crisis

The article was originally published on by Andrew Weir: Leadership, Global Head of Asset Management and Global Chair of Real Estate and Construction, KPMG. Effective crisis management plans, as any experienced Asset Management (AM) leader can tell you, place an emphasis on timely, decisive, well-informed action. While some threats envisaged in these […]

Pan-European Personal Pension: the solution to Europe’s pension problems?

An interview with Christian Lemaire, Global Head of Retirement Solutions at Amundi In light of the recent publication of the Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP) Regulation and the EIOPA consultation specifying the pension product’s features, we decided to take a moment to examine the PEPP’s implications. Chrystelle Veeckmans, Chairman of the Association […]

ETFs and the future of active management

A decade of tremendous progress for ETFs and passive investing Did you know that over the last 10 years Vanguard picked up 87% of new net assets (inflows) of mutual funds with about two-thirds going to its largest index funds? The shift of investor money from active into passive funds has certainly contributed to a fundamental reshaping of the competitive […]

ESG disclosures – a top priority for investors

Climate change is the topic du jour and, along with other ESG issues, is not high up on global governments’ agendas only… According to the TCDF Status Report 2019, we are seeing an increasing demand from investors for “better information on how companies – across a wide range of sectors – have prepared or are preparing for a lower-carbon economy”. […]

Performance fees for the Fund industry: it’s decision time

Regulators and investors desire value-for-money Recent European regulations related to fees are delivering new requirements for the Fund industry. The regulators’ ultimate goal is to improve fee transparency and to reach a standardized cost-reporting framework. There’s been a lot of debates and discussions on this topic in the past few months, intensifyin […]