#ALFIGlobal14 participants: Are you a disrupter? Or a potential casualty?

Contributing to this ALFI trailer got me thinking about the wider picture on distribution. With the debate on the ban on inducements still raging on and consuming the industry’s time and energy, I sometimes feel that – as the English might say – we can’t see the wood for the trees. Picking apart the MiFID directive and arguing against the details only distracts us from the real issues at hand: whether the ban is introduced or not, change is afoot for fund distributers.


Your data: who is taking a peek?

The chances are that most of you reading this blog post have some kind of smartphone – perhaps you’re using it right now. If you’re anything like me and security-conscious, you may also have taken the step of installing an antivirus for extra peace of mind. The problem is, it gave me even more to worry about …

VAT recoveryfinal4

The VAT recovery handbook: where you can recover and how easy it is to do so

You’re a CFO and your group has paid VAT in countless countries around the world. You know that some of this money can be reclaimed, but as the number of countries in which you spend multiplies, you’re constantly in a state of uncertainty about where you can claim, how difficult it might be and how long it will take. Our new survey – VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014 – was made with you in mind.

What Hedge Funds US Managers need to know to do business in Europe

What Hedge Funds US Managers need to know to do business in Europe

These are the questions that were discussed during our KPMG Global Roadshow in Boston, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

circular economy

Circular Economy – more than just another green initiative

In times when we have already learnt and acknowledged that earth’s resources are limited and that we globally consume in an unhealthy way, we are virtually non-stop fed with information about green initiatives and sustainability. We sometimes perceive it as “getting flooded” or even “spammed”. Activities around recycling, ecofriendly consumption, waste avoidance and renewable energies today influence almost all aspects of our life. ?


Positioning Islamic Funds as Socially Responsible Funds is a key strategy for fund managers

According to the 2014 Global Islamic Asset Management Report issued by Thomson Reuters, scalability is the key challenge facing the Islamic asset management industry.


Deal with rising VAT like a multinational: by exercising your right to recover it

Taxation has given many a CFO sleepless nights. In the past, their night visions had one sole protagonist: Corporate Tax. However, a shift in focus means that this has been changing. Over the last few years, governments have increasingly relied on indirect taxes to raise revenues.


Banks Insights 2014: can Luxembourg meet generation Y’s expectations?

To quote Harvard economist, Ted Levitt: “The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they come obvious” and history has confirmed time and time again that this maxim is true.

Go West

Go West! KPMG Roadshow to the US

After Monaco, Frankfurt and London, we are on the road again. But this time, we have gone west and we are in the good old USA where the focus is on hedge funds for a KPMG Global Roadshow in Boston, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Could Europe be the new ‘Land of Opportunity’ for distressed debt?

It appears that the US is no longer quite living up to its reputation as the place where dreams are made … or at least this is the case where one emerging fund type is concerned. Distressed debt – which was 100% ‘Born in the USA’ – is now hotfooting it to Europe in what one could only describe as an industry migration. But just what is behind this passage over the Atlantic?