Die Fondstendenzen aus Asien

Anfang April fand zum 17. Mal das „Fund Forum Asia“ in Hongkong statt. Wie in Europa, standen neben allgemeinen Themen zum Stand der Asset Management Industrie, auch hier aufsichtsrechliche Regelungen im Vordergrund.

prips ucits update

Breaking News: UCITS V and PRIPs voted in

While some are off enjoying the Easter holidays, there has been no such rest for a very busy EU Parliament who have voted in two long awaited regulations: UCITS V and PRIPs.

Private Equity, have you thought about FATCA?

Private Equity, have you thought about FATCA?

Luxembourg IGA has been signed!

On March 28th 2014, Luxembourg finally signed an IGA with the United States in order to implement the American legislation known as FATCA thus joining the other 23 countries which signed similar agreements.

Crowdfunding regulation

What Everybody Ought to Know About Crowdfunding Regulation

Crowdfunding platforms[1] aren’t against regulation. Surprising isn’t it? But looking closely, it’s quite easy to see how an improved framework would actually benefit this nascent industry (and particularly crowd investing on which I’ll focus in this post). It can give legitimacy and thus credibility in new and wider markets. It can limit reputational risk by offering protection to investors against putting money into companies that don’t exist or putting all their eggs in one basket. What better way of reassuring and attracting potential new customers?

Solvency II 2 overview omnibus insurance summary (2)

Solvency II – a sleeping volcano reawakens?

The “Solvency II” Directive with a promising name – “Omnibus II” sets the principles of the new framework for insurance regulation and supervision in the EU. The European Parliament considers it to be a big step towards a safer and more competitive insurance industry.

digital transformation

The Digital Revolution

We find ourselves at the beginning of a digital revolution: technology has turned the world upside down, new products have emerged and the old way of doing business just doesn’t work anymore. The biggest changes are still ahead with the foreseeable future development of big data, connected cars, connected homes, e-health and so on. Sure, it is a bit frightening; we don’t know what to expect and we seem to be overtaken by the speed of innovation. But it also opens the door to a whole new world of exciting possibilities!


10 reasons why the FATCA agreement is good for Luxembourg

Today (28 March 2014), the agreement between the U.S. and Luxembourg was signed. Luxembourg financial and non-financial entities can now embark on their FATCA challenge (as outlined in my post on your FATCA checklist) with better knowledge of the “rules of engagement”.

Eu savings directive luxembourg brussels

2 steps forward for the EU Savings Directive

Since it was announced that Luxembourg would abolish the 35% withholding tax in the context of the taxation of savings, we’ve waited a whole year to find out what would happen next. Then, last week, we had two new developments in quick succession – one on a Luxembourg level, one EU-driven – that accelerated the speed of change. Here is what happened and where it leaves Luxembourg.

finance talent management

The ins and outs of managing financial talent

A little later than initially planned, here’s the third instalment in our series on the visionary finance function. This series of blog posts covers each of the five major building blocks of KPMG’s model of an intelligent finance function. Having previously covered lean finance and reliable forecasting we’re now going to turn our attention to the topic of talent management.

AIFMD remuneration CSSF application luxembourg

All eyes on remuneration policy for AIFM license applicants

From now on, AIFM license applicants are requested to include two additional appendices in their application file. The additions came in an update to the “Application questionnaire for the set up of a fully licensed AIFM” that the CSSF issued on 20 March 2014.