La digitalisation de la santé: une sinécure?

Le secteur de la santé connait depuis quelques années une intensification des investissements dans les technologies de l’information et de la communication, ayant pour but d’améliorer l’efficacité et la qualité des prestations de soins.


An interview with FinTech company APS

We currently find ourselves in a frenzy of e-payment revolution: the payments field is dotted with players as diverse in product as they are in approach. From bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts, to crowdfunding platforms, to every type of payment app imaginable, everyone seems to agree only on one thing: the traditional credit card’s days are numbered.


In the search for yield, one area is looking rather promising

Since the 2008 crisis, mid-sized companies have often come up short when it comes to growth finance, due to banks lowering their levels of debt financing and opting instead for more established borrowers. Combine this with


Family business in Europe: talent wars, innovation, and charging ahead

The Family Business Barometer seeks to show which trends are seen and foreseen within European family businesses. This year’s edition turns up a number of interesting insights, such as


BREXIT: a vision

It’s 2025. BREXIT has been hard.

Transitional arrangements to ease the UK’s departure from the EU have ended. The UK’s final agreement with the EU 27 could be categorized as Switzerland minus: a limited agreement covering specific areas of access to the free market for goods, but


European Parliament rejects the RTS of the PRIIPs Regulation in plenary… so… what happens next?

The European Parliament (EP), in its plenary last Wednesday, voted in favour of its ECON Committee’s[1] ‘Motion for a Resolution.’ In other words, the EP

What is “social” about social trading?

When Mark Zuckerberg first introduced Facebook at his university, the market—when it caught wind of the creation—was very sceptical about who would need such a thing as a “social network.” Ten years later,

Boat Race

The PRIIPs MOPs challenge: multiple options! …but multiple interpretations

Since the PRIIPs Regulation[1] (“the Regulation” from here on) was published on 9 December 2014, the concept of a multi-option product (MOP)—created by the European legislator to allow PRIIPs to refer to products which offer


KPMG’s summer reading list 2016

Seeing as August is the hottest time for a holiday (in both the literal and figurative senses), we’ve seen fewer people round the office, fewer cars in Kirchberg, and more planes in the sky. Whether you find yourself among the holidaymakers or not, it’s a great season to read, which is why we’ve compiled our first summer reading list.


Investmentsteuerreformgesetz (InvStRefG): Eine Reform mit weitreichenden Änderungen?

Das neue Investmentsteuerreformgesetz ist da. Mit seiner Verkündung im Bundesgesetzblatt ist es mit Wirkung ab 27. Juli 2016 in Kraft getreten. Das neue Gesetz sieht u.a. ein grundlegend reformiertes Besteuerungssystem von Investmentfonds und deren Anleger vor.