Three VAT things to know before New Year

December has rolled around… thankfully this means sweets and treats and some time off, but it also means that there are a couple of VAT items to make sure you’re prepared for—because the year-end is just around the corner too.

Destination: Solvency II

It has been almost a year since the entry into force of Solvency II (SII), and the reporting efforts of (re)insurance undertakings and asset managers are finally converging towards business as usual. …Right?

The family businesses that will outlast the Googles and Apples

You’ve got tech companies, retailers, and banks; there are start-ups, mid-sizers, and giants; you have service, product, and back-end—a hundred ways to slice up the corporate world. But where do family businesses fit in?

Responsible investments: from industry good practice to law

Hitherto, firms have been encouraged by investors, by regulators, or by governments to adhere to recognised principles for responsible investment such as the United Nations’ backed Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI). But encouragement is hardening into mandate.

The age of RegTech

Living in the present means we’re perpetually at the peak of technology, sitting on a pyramid of past achievements. In the 1950s credit cards became plastic miracles of payment, an apex of FinTech resting upon the [modern] invention of credit some half-century prior, along with

ETF, a rising star in the investment universe

ETFs are gaining ground globally Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have solidified their position as one of the successful financial innovations of recent years, having become a strong alternative to mutual funds and other financial products. Since its inception in 1993,